Nobody Likes Kanye More Than Kanye Likes McDonald’s

Frank Ocean and his connections to popular media have really garnered some attention over the past week with his drawn out release of his latest album, “Blonde”. It seems the world’s eyes are turned to Ocean (at least mine are), and the man seems to bring new and exciting things to the proverbial table.

In Ocean’s “Boys Don’t Cry” ‘zine (short for magazine), Kanye West reveals a poem heavily drawn from corporate inspirations. The delicate edge between the duality of comfort and evil, played with and imagined within the fries of McDonald’s, yes, McDonald’s. Mr. West’s genius is not only subtly entwined within this three stanza poem, but it bursts out of the seams as the true nature of McDonald’s fries gets examined.

The end of the poem points to maybe the most crucial metaphor of the piece, perhaps suggesting the more innovative, smooth, and stoic side of Kanye, or even of the musical world. That is to say, a world in which raw creative power is more valued than money, or influence. The apple pie.
Read Kanye West’s “McDonald’s Man” HERE.

-Ryan G.

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