New Music Mondays | 9.5.16

Happy Labor Day, folks!

So Fall Semester starts in a couple of days…why not ease your transition from summer to schoolwork with some fresh new tunez?


“You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” – Phantogram

“‘You Don’t Get Me High Anymore’ is just the electro-pop track I’ve been missing from Phantogram since 2014. The single takes it a notch up from their previous indie vibes into a more serious alt-pop sound with a hard beat and blaring synths. This song’s electricity gets me moving and singing as I listen in my car with the bass turned all the up for the full effect. I’m counting down the days until September 16th when the new Phantogram album, Three, drops, and I can listen to it just as long as I listen to the last album (aka forever). – Ashley J.

“Shut Up Kiss Me” – Angel Olson

“The strongest single so far off her album MY WOMAN, Angel Olson’s ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’ is layered and intense. She conveys a certain type of longing that is as compelling as it is exciting. She doesn’t mince words; she says what she wants. This song seems to be produced in a kind of emotional haste, and it suits the song perfectly. ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’ has a dark and commanding presence, one that I hope will carry on into her future recordings.” – Madison H.

“War Ready” – Vince Staples

“Everything from the distorted Andre 3000 intro to the simple, yet invigorating arpeggiated instrumental screams classic Staples. Vince continues to put out subversive and boastful lyrics coupled with political zeal and colorful wordplay. Definitely give his latest EP Prima Donna a listen.” – Ryan G.

“The Way It Was” – Coast Modern

“Maybe it’s because I’ve been surrounded by beaches my whole life, but I’ve always held a little place in my heart for music with that distinct LA/beach/chill rock vibe. Coast Modern’s new release ‘The Way It Was’ connects summer vibes with some surprisingly meaningful lyrics. This is the Los Angeles duo’s fourth release, and they’ve introduced an incredibly groovy electronic ending that perfectly ties the song together at the end. It’s made the top of my summer rock playlist so that’s saying something.” – Juliette P.

“Does It Feel Good (To Say Goodbye?)” – Car Seat Headrest

“Only a few months after the release of ‘Teens of Denial’, Car Seat Headrest released this new single, indicative of a new project already underway. The ephemeral lyrics and minimal chord variation make ‘Does It Feel Good’ sound more like Will Toledo’s attempt to share an intimate idea with the world, rather than a fleshed-out song– while still preserving Car Seat Headrest’s sound.” – Miranda V.

“Season 2 Episode 3” – Glass Animals 

“The songs on Glass Animals’ album How To Be A Human Being are a series of character-creating vignettes. ‘Season 2 Episode 3’ abides by the theme in using token smooth vocals and downcast lyrics to depict the life of a stoner, brightened by synths straight out of Super Mario Bros. The song is a favorable entry taste to the album, one that empathetically relates to those who may be disoriented for various reasons and are cluelessly searching.” – Olivia A.

“Park” – Isaiah Rashad 

“The Memphis trap has been revived with what has to be the hardest flow on a track in recent memory. Isaiah attacks the beat with a thumping rhythm and delivers one of the best lyrical and overall rap songs of the year. It’s an exciting time for TDE fans, as Isaiah has taken the lyricism of King Kendrick, but has brought his more uptempo and aggressive bars into the mix, which is amazing to vibe with. The recent string of fire Soundcloud drops have been leading up to Rashad’s new album, which is set to drop in September, so keep watch cause Top Dawg is keeping the throne toasty.” – Travis K.

“Figuring It Out – SWMRS”

“The Oakland-based quartet (formerly known as Emily’s Army) released their third studio album Drive North way back in February, and I’m still not over it. Their track ‘Figuring It Out’ is perfect for the familiar end-of-the-summer vibes (semi-depressing, semi-reminiscent…you know what I’m talking about) because it’s all about not giving a sh** and doing whatever the hell you want while simultaneously figuring out who you really are (shoutout to every college student ever). Give the song a listen, and I apologize in advance for your soon-to-come SWMRS obsession. ” – Brooke B.

“Hold On” – Roosevelt 

“Adding to a summer packed full of dance hits, Roosevelt’s single ‘Hold On’ adds even more fuel to the fire. The catchy beat instantly captivates you, but what really makes this track is the heavily reverberated lyrics that echo throughout the song. The distant singing coupled with his upbeat guitar and bass combo is a clear contrast that works incredibly well. After practically keeping this song on repeat, I find it hard not to tie this song to the summer as everyone tries to hold on to it for just a bit longer.” – Parker W.

“Harambe” – Young Thug

“It doesn’t matter if you can or can’t understand his message, mannerisms, or importance, but our boy Harambe got smoked, so Young Thug made this slapper to help us remember the legend and also to inform us of our inner ape. Enjoy and never forget what transpired at the Cincinnati Zoo, because myself and Thugger, or Jeffrey, won’t be forgetting any time soon.” – Travis K.


“Pneumonia” – Danny Brown

“‘Pneumonia’, the latest single from Detroit rapper Danny Brown, comes straight out of the darkest depths of his twisted psyche. Laden with his signature hasn’t-slept-in-a-week delivery, the spine-tingling track evokes a vivid fever dream of a life of desperation and debauchery. The beat is chilly yet chaotic, mirroring the cold sweat dripping off of Danny’s voice. Following the electrifying spookiness of ‘When It Rains’, Pneumonia is another hint that when his new album Atrocity Exhibition drops on September 30, it might as well be Halloween.” – Robert K.

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