Mac Miller @ House of Blues

Mac Miller
December 11th, 2016 at House of Blues Boston

By: Christian Triunfo

“You know how much relaxing love music I’ve played tonight!?” Before closing his encore and sending the crowd into a crazed mosh pit with “When in Rome,” Mac Miller took some time to address the theme of his recent show at Boston’s House of Blues. In his latest release The Divine Feminine, the album opens with angelic harmonization, a giggling girl, and a demon fighting his chants of “Love” with a deep and morphed call for “Sex.” Strings fill the listener’s ears as Miller raps, “You are everything I ever wanted. Bought a wedding ring, it’s in my pocket.” The album is about passion and love, and is Mac Miller at his most soulful and sensual. His current tour is no different. The stage, littered in bright neon colors and centered with the iconic pink mirror that decorates his album cover, was washed in green and pink lights as Miller started his show with “Cinderella,” rapping “You in my dreams, that’s why I sleep all the time.” Standing tall at the center of the stage, he took hold of the audience, and made a sold out show at the House of Blues an intimate session with a group of friends. Behind him was Clockworkdj, one of his openers and touring DJ. Clockwork and Soulection’s The Whooligan preceded Miller, hyping the crowd with a few remixed classics, but nothing original. As the show progressed, Mac gave the audience a few interludes, throwing it back to projects like GO:OD AM, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, and Faces with songs like “Brand Name,” “100 Grandkids,” “Weekend,” “Bird Call” and “Insomniak.” He even brought back “Knock Knock,” off of his 2010 mixtape K.I.D.S.

Telling his fans about his dedication to his music and retelling stories of his experiences in Boston, Miller exuded a relaxed vibe, never yelling or straying from brevity. His set was almost peaceful and was a direct manifestation of his current state. The Divine Feminine is about falling in love and almost leaves behind the intense lifestyle Miller once lived, breathed, and rapped about. Miller is at his best, sonically and mentally, as can be seen in his latest round of concerts. The set list is essentially static no matter where he goes, and his presence never falters. Mac Miller has gone from singing about skipping school and smoking blunts to harnessing “the feminine energy of this planet.” He brings up questions of the universe, human relationships, and breaks love into layers. His composition has turned soulful and expressive, and after almost a decade of working towards establishing himself as a serious rapper, The Divine Feminine is Miller settled into place and at the top of his game, and this tour is only further proof of it.

His fans have grown with him, and behind the tremendous growth as a musician, there is always going to be a hint of that wonderful childish behavior on both ends. Sure enough, when Miller ran back out for his three song encore, he told the audience to “Get the fuck up and dance.” He acknowledged his changed style and wanted to end the show on a different note. After a set unlike anything Mac Miller has done before, he ended an incredible concert with “When In Rome,” ensuring that everybody in the building leave the venue drenched in sweat, and in some cases, blood.

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