Phoenix announce Ti Amo, Share “J-Boy”

Phoenix make an electric comeback while channeling Italian disco with their new track “J-Boy”.

Phoenix is back with new music after three years since their album, Bankrupt! The new song titled “J-Boy” is short for “just because of you.” It is the first single off their upcoming album Ti Amo, that channels Italy to embrace the band’s European roots. “J-Boy” is chock full of synthy beats reminiscent of both Italian disco and more recent bands from across the pond like M83. This song is distinctly lacking the guitar as a focal point of the song, coming across more electronic than Phoenix’s usual brand of pop-rock. After three years, the band has definitely evolved their sound in order to remain relevant. The change is welcome, and it is good to have any new music from the French outfit.

With “J-Boy” Phoenix is coming back refreshed and re-energized. This song is bright and poppy, with a catchy hook that’ll definitely get stuck in your head. At first glance, the song seems to be little more than a romantic ballad about falling in love in Italy, but a deeper look into the song reveals some ominous lyrics that set the scene in a future dystopia. The lyrics of the verse are difficult to understand under the slight distortion on the vocals, but the song brings up increasingly relevant struggles like coral reefs dying, nuclear fallout, and poverty. Hopefully this song sets a precedent for an album full of engaging and pleasant songs.

Listen to “J-Boy” here:

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