WRBB hits Chicago for Pitchfork 2017

Photo by Joseph Mohan.

WRBB is happy to announce that we will be attending this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, IL!

Pitchfork_Music_Festival_2016Started in 2006, the Union Park grounds have been the meeting place of eclectic taste for over 10 years now, as Pitchfork finds a way to combine the showcase-like nature of Austin’s SXSW with the atmosphere of a neighborhood street festival. Bringing a uniquely crafted and curated group of artists to town year after year, Chicago boasts a rich, yet undersold music scene–maintaining a bevy of historic theaters and large roster of record stores that would make any savant drool. When combined with the perennial tastemakers at Pitchfork, the setting is perfectly apt for a beautifully placed weekend filled with good music.

This year’s fest brings an incredible narrative with every artist performing. Vince Staples has just come from releasing his newest record to warm critical acclaim. Dirty Projectors returned with a lighter line-up and a late break-up record in R&B fashion, while James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem have announced their first studio effort in over 7 years. On Saturday,  a great wave of female frontwomen take the stage, headed up by Angel Olsen and the veteran PJ Harvey. Queens legends A Tribe Called Quest will grace the festival as well as a return to form for Melbourne’s electronic darlings The Avalanches. With a set by 2016’s strongest, Solange will cap the weekend on a high note. 

Meet Your Team

Andrew Goldberg, Events Director

With a demeanor always reminiscent of high caffeination, Chicago native Andrew Goldberg will be heading up the pilgrimage to the haven of indie music. As Events Director, he is always looking for and pushing the limits of “fresh” music, so naturally he lets Pitchfork choose for him. At Northeastern, Andrew is a Junior studying Music Industry. He’s incredibly excited to explain the nature of mustard on hot dogs and enjoying the throws of the festival.

Follow Andrew on Instagram @doctordruu

Kara Kokinos, Marketing & Communications Director

Our resident Senior Citizen Kara Kokinos will be making the trek out to Chicago from the comfort of her hometown of Boston. Kara is a Music industry & Communications major seeking employment in the fall, so…Pitchfork? She and Andrew are incredibly co-dependent and excited to continue torturing each other while he shows her the ropes of Chicago.

Follow Kara on Instagram @sunburnt_ghost and on Twitter @kara_kokinos

It’s All About the Content, Baby…

We will be posting lots of content throughout this week and next as we tackle the sights & sounds of Chicago including:

  • Artist Teaser/Features: Get amped with us for sets from some of our fave artists – many of whom we’ve had the chance to connect with previously, so keep an eye out for some #~*exclusive content*~# you won’t get anywhere else.
  • Taste of Chicago: Andrew will be showing off his favorite places to nosh. Expect lots of bagels.
  • Pre/Post4k Podcasts: Before the festival, during the festival, and after the festival! Listen to us rant in long form and on a trendy media platform – you know you love it.
  • Interviews: Who are we gonna interview? Not telling. Do we know yet? Not telling. But it’s gonna happen and there will be games.

Artists to See

Friday: Danny Brown, Vince Staples, LCD Soundsystem

Saturday: Weyes Blood, Mitski, Angel Olsen

Sunday: Pinegrove, The Avalanches, Solange

Andrew’s Top Pick – Pinegrove


What appeared to be a striking rise to prominence for some was only a validation of hard work, exemplary output, and well earned praise for fans of NJ alt-emo deities Pinegrove. 2016’s sophomore effort, Cardinal, saw Evan Stephens-Hall and company hone their tear-jerking lyricism while simultaneously strengthening the already solid and groove-infused arranging. With a shining star at every outpost, Pinegrove have evolved and matured with their members, creating great music to foster a community of support and surprising alacrity for the occasional mosh. With a couple well seasoned tour legs in their back pockets, expect nothing but a bright and thoroughly amazing set from one of the most promising acts in recent years.

Kara’s Top Pick – Mitski


Mitski’s smile is pretty well known at this point. It sneaks out in every interview, along with the excitement bubbling underneath the more composed exterior. It’s this endearing energy that makes Mistki’s personality so infectious. The little smirk thrown into her writing and persona betrays so much without compromising the mystery. It does not appear often on stage but don’t assume that she’s not connecting emotionally with her audience. Mitski’s live stage presence lends itself more towards raw, emotive expressions of turmoil dealt with, if not conquered by, acceptance of what cannot be changed. Every time you see Mitski is a challenge in understanding her experience with the music as well as your own. It’s an open process with the entire crowd and I personally cannot wait for another session.

WRBB does P4K Playlist

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