WRBB Podcast: Pre4k Edition

Did you miss us?

Andrew and Kara are back with your last round of Pre4k coverage – this time in podcast format! We started our festival experience off last night at the Charles Bradley show at the Chicago House of Vans, courtesy of Grandstand HQ, and decided to give you all some audio treats before we head off to the official start of Pitchfork Festival! Listen below to hear us discuss artists we’re excited about, Pitchfork itself, and Team Zissou.

Today’s gonna be a high energy one, so be on the look out for a wrap up post later today of everything we were able to catch!

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Kara Kokinos (@sunburnt_ghost) is a graduating senior with a major in Music Industry and Communications. She has served on WRBB's EBoard and has had her show 'femmefreak' on air for two years. In addition to writing for WRBB, she also contributes to Allston Pudding and does freelance video/photo work. Her hobbies include brujería and screaming into the abyss about gender theory.