Q&A with The Suffers

    WRBB’s Kara Kokinos got a chance to talk to Adam from The Suffers before their show on April 24th at The Sinclair! Take a listen below.         Want more of The Suffers? Check out their website and make sure to grab a ticket to their show on April 24th @ The Sinclair! […]

    WRBB’s Top Ten Albums of 2017

    In a year that saw the rise of your favorite meme and the death of that other meme you hated, WRBB is still the only one who will call you back after blacking out on your first tinder date. Hopefully you’ve survived all those 2017 thirst traps and have come out hydrated. For those of […]

    Bully @ Great Scott

    Bully November 12, 2017 @ Great Scott By: Kara Kokinos Bully frontwoman and mastermind Alicia Bognanno knows how to write songs that are as cathartic as they are explosive. It’s a skill that translates masterfully live – moments of repose give way to fuzzy guitars wailing and vocals that alternate between sickly sweetness and guttural […]

    Bully release full-length ‘Losing’

    Bully Losing Sub Pop · October 20, 2017 [three_fourth]Losing’s album cover features what I assume is front-woman Alicia Bognanno in a fort of sheets, hair covering her face, legs tucked into herself. This is not a place of comfort; if anything, it’s more an exploration of the discomfort that comes with hiding within the familiar. It’s an […]

    New Music Mondays | 10.30.17

    Halloween-Eve Jamz. #NMM ‘So Cool’ – Dounia “I’ve been waiting for Dounia to drop an official release for so dang long, and it has finally paid off. The model-turned-singer’s baddie status is higher than ever with her album Intro To. All of the new material features sleek production that doesn’t do anything particularly new or […]

    St. Vincent releases full-length ‘MASSEDUCTION’

    St. Vincent MASSEDUCTION Loma Vista Recordings · October 13, 2017 [three_fourth]The singles from St. Vincent’s MASSEDUCTION function much like a Hollywood trailer, in that they give away most of the good stuff and leave us to sit through the rest of the shit when we sit down with the entire thing. I was so excited at the album’s […]

    Cigarettes After Sex @ Brighton Music Hall

    Cigarettes After Sex October 9th, 2017 @ Brighton Music Hall By: Kara Kokinos “There’s nothing like a night of romance to really put into perspective how chronically single you are.” After a week of processing the mildly devastating end to some budding affection, I walked into Brighton Music Hall braced for impact. This was gonna […]

    Taking Apart Kelela’s ‘Take Me Apart’: A Song-by-Song Breakdown

    Kelela Take Me Apart Warp Records · October 6, 2017 [three_fourth]Take Me Apart is an immersive experience of lovelorn tracks flowing together and breathing the same air, demonstrating a mastery of the album format. There are so many recurring melodic and textural themes that pop up from track to track that it’s often difficult to distinguish a […]

    Q&A with Cigarettes After Sex

    WRBB placed a long distance call to El Paso, TX, to chat with Cigarettes After Sex’s Phillip Tubbs in anticipation for their show at Brighton Music Hall. Read after the jump to see how much a stairwell shaped the band named after your favorite postcoital indulgence. [three_fourth]You’ve been a part of Cigarettes After Sex from […]

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