Miya Folick’s musical prowess shines in Allston

    Miya Folick featuring Barrie March 1, 2019 at Great Scott Despite the small stage and minimal set up, Folick showcased a riveting roller coaster of emotion, and the crowd responded accordingly. I  wouldn’t have expected Miya Folick’s opening act at the Great Scott – indie-pop band Barrie – to elicit such an electric response from […]

    Empress Of turns Brighton Music Hall into an electronic paradise

    Empress Of featuring Salt Cathedral February 24, 2019 at Brighton Music Hall The night became one continuous, blissful stream of music as Empress Of expertly transitioned from one song to the next. Walking into Brighton Music Hall, I immediately found myself looking at a man blowing bubbles as he mindlessly grooved to the music of […]

    Avril Lavigne releases mediocre-at-best ‘Head Above Water’

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water Avril Lavigne / BMG · February 15, 2019 When Avril Lavigne stepped onto the music scene in 2002 with her debut single, “Complicated,” she established herself as a brash, loudmouthed, rebel pop-punk superstar. I, like so many others, grew up with Lavigne’s message of embracing the weird and outlandish part of […]

    Q&A with Empress Of

    WRBB’s Rachel Saywitz chatted with Lorely Rodriguez, known by her moniker Empress Of, ahead of her show at Brighton Music Hall on February 24, 2019. Get tickets here. Your headlining tour is starting in just a few days. How are you feeling about it? I’m really excited and really nervous. I haven’t been on tour […]

    NAO gives an other-worldly performance at the Royale

    NAO featuring Xavier Omar February 1, 2019 @ Royale Singing out from the stage, proud and with an emboldened voice, NAO truly looked like somebody who had been reborn. Walking into the Royale, I noticed that the front of the stage was already bustling and full of people enthusiastically watching the opening act of the […]

    Grammys 2019 Recap: The Year of the Woman

    There were a ridiculous amount of standout performances this year, and unsurprisingly all of them were helmed by women. Sunday night was met with a bit of trepidation from Grammy viewers and musicians alike, given the tumultuous year the Recording Academy went through. Last year’s Grammy awards were deemed a failure by many for not […]

    Ariana Grande gets personal with full-length ‘Sweetener’

    Ariana Grande Sweetener Republic Records · August 17, 2018 A lot can happen in three years. For aspiring diva chanteuse Ariana Grande, a lot did happen in the period between the release of her third studio album Dangerous Woman in 2015, and today, a few weeks after releasing her fourth full-length, Sweetener, to much anticipation. Because of […]

    Snail Mail releases debut full-length ‘Lush’

    Snail Mail Lush Matador Records · June 8, 2018 At some times quiet, and other times brash and emotional, this record succeeds in encapsulating teenage anxieties in a simple and fresh way. When I was 17, about to graduate high school, I remember having feelings of bittersweet sentimentality, a sense of fear but also acceptance of leaving […]

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